Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December already?? I've been a busy bee!

I know, I just can't believe it! Where have the past few weeks gone? I've been busy as a bee, that's for sure! I still have some "crafties" to finish, but thought I'd go ahead and post what I've been making. :)

I have to start with my latest creations! I am really getting into these and think they make cute pin keeps (as in the black one below) or jewelry holders (as the turquoise one below). I think they will become a regular in my stores.Punch needle galore! More Christmas baskets!

And of course, since I've been doing more punch needle, I've had to make Christmas stockings!

And with the holidays you have to have cutsey bird ornies!

OH, and I almost forgot my scarf! I have one finished and I love it because it's sooooo soft!

Whew! I still have to finish my embroider-ed pieces this week and a super soft pink scarf! And I have to study for my final exam too. I just love being an "older" student. ;) But I've decided to not take a class in the spring (January) and just focus on work full-time and my part-time craft business. that's enough, isn't it? ;)

Hope you're feeling crafty! What have you been making? Have a blessed Wednesday!


Ruth said...

Such wonderful treasures. I think they are absolutely beautiful.

Flat Creek Farm said...

You *have* been busy! Wonderful, cute stuff! -Tammy