Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday: The simple woman's daybook

~~Outside my window~~

the sun is no where to be found yet today....cold windy day. We were supposed to get 2 inches of snow last night. None! I am a bit disappointed.

~~I am thinking~~

of how I long for spring and spring flowers!

~~I am thankful for~~

my husband...a second marriage for both of us. Both of our previous marriages were nightmares, so this one seems so heaven-made to us. **AND** I am thankful for friends I have met online like dear Jan at Rose Haven. I won a teacup from her giveaway a week ago and just recently won a blog makeover for my Tea at Prim Rose Hill blog. How delightful! She has greatly blessed me.

~~From the kitchen~~

I smell coffee brewing and toast. I think we will have baked chicken casserole for dinner.

~~I am wearing~~
a brown tunic with butterlies batik-print, black pants.

~~I am creating~~

a menu for the rest of the week--trying to be more frugal and follow a budget.

~~I am going~~
to work very soon...I am just happy/grateful/blessed to have a job in this economy.

~~I am (still) reading~~
Having a Mary Spirit: Alowing God to change us from the inside out by Joanna Weaver.

~~I am hoping~~

that my pinkeeps will sell on eBay this week. :)

~~I am hearing~~

music in the background, coffee brewing, my tea kettle humming.

~~Around the house~~

I need to dust & vacuum! And so many other things. One day at a time, it shall happen.

~~One of my favorite things~~

teacups. I don't know...I am just a tea lover. I have a collection of tea cups and tea pots. Yes, I believe in using them. No sense in just putting them on a shelf to look at. They were meant to be used and enjoyed. If I break one, oh well, as my grandmother said: "Forget it. People are more important than things."

~~A few plans for the rest of the week~~

add some more things to our eBay shop; Wal-mart Tuesday night; Wednesday night bible study at church; prepare/practice interpretation of music for church Sunday.

~~Here is picture thought I am sharing~~
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