Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!

Hello friends!
Here it is another Pink Saturday already! I've been thinking of starting a new crochet project and you know pink is
my favorite here's some ideas! Have a fabulous Pink Saturday!

Oh these are sooooo sweet!!
Get the free pattern here

A crochet choker, perhaps?
Get the free pattern here

A pink drawstring bag?Get the free pattern here
A Fancy Pink cake?
Get the free pattern here

Or would you rather have donuts? ;)Get the free pattern here

A Barbie doll dress?
Get the free pattern here


A lovely pink shawl!Get the free pattern here

Ooh la la, a masquerade?
Get your free pattern here

How dainty and sweet!
Get your free pattern here


And finally.....If I was thin...and young...and daring...(haha)


Mimi said...

Your blog is w♥nderful! Happy Pink Saturday. Thanks so much for sharing this week. It made the cold up here in northern Michigan a little more tolerable :)

Free patterns! How cool is that?!

Staffordshire Garden said...

Good morning Sheri. I love the little shoe, and my daughter absolutely loves the cupcake! Happy Pink Saturday. Have a great day.

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Happy Pink Day, Sheri!
I love the pinks; especially the baby bootie and the fancy little cake. Thanks for sharing.


Marie said...

love the cupcake.have a great pink saturday.

Susan said...

Happy Pink Saturday Sheri!
Beautiful pinks!


Lynn Guinn said...

I love your blog!

Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

I wish I could crochet. I've never graduated beyond squares...and I don't even know how to do them anymore. Beautiful I wish I could do it. Happy Pink Day!

Deanna said...

Hi Sheri,
Sorry for the belated comment but my laptop crashed Saturday night and my hubby sent it to the laptop emergency room!

I loved everything...especially since I've taken up crocheting again. I'd love to try that cupcake for sure!

Deanna :D