Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pink Saturday

Hello blogland friends!
It's another pink Saturday with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far. I've been looking at some Valentine Day fabric lately and thought I'd share those this weekend.

Roses! My favorite!
Wouldn't this be adorable for a little girls room?
Or maybe this one? How sweet! And...How can you go wrong with cupcakes? :)

YES! I just had to include this! Check this out! For you little "princess!" :))


rosechicfriends said...

Those fabrics are ALL adorable! But I LOVE that kitty sofa...I'd have to get 3 tho..and I am wondering if they'd like it..hmmmm! lol

Happy Pink...Lorena

lisa said...

I love fabric and those are the prettiest and cutest ever!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Love all of these! The fairies remind me of some Laura Ashley sheets I bought for my goddaughter's room for her visits. It's so cute, and I love the cupcakes! And that cat bed is the cat's meow! ;-)

Happy PS!


Sheila :-)

Deanna said...

Hi Sheri!
I definately love the first picture and I would be brave enough to put a cupcake wallpaper in my wall but oh how cute that would be!

Have a great Saturday!
Deanna :)

Mimi said...

Oh, would my kitty ever love that pink bed! I didn't let her see it, so I think she'll leave me alone. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful, pink goodies.

Kathleen said...

Sheri, I love the fabric, the cupcake one the best. My cat would love that cat-lounger..he is so spoiled. Hugs

erin said...

MMMMMmmmmm! Cupcakes!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Erin :)

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Sheri; Happy Pink Saturday;
I love all the beautiful fabric, where did you ever find such cute ones.


Diane said...

Beautiful choices! I love to wander thru Joann Fabrics. Happy PINK Saturday! ♥ Diane

Katie said...

That sofa IS adorable, but unlike Lorena, I'd have to get about 20! Love the fabrics, so bright and cheerful! Happy Pink Saturday!

Chatelaine said...

Very cute fabrics and my Molly would just love to lounge on that bed.

Nice to meet you.

Lana said...

I was in Joann's just this week looking at pink fabrics. It must really be popular because there is such a wide variety available. I love your selection! And the kitty on the couch certainly looks pampered. LOL

Blessings, Lana

Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

Wouldn't the cupcake wallpaper look great with the pink kitchen appliances of the 1950's-60's? Happy Pink Saturday!

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

i love the first fabric...did you just buy fabric....I could see some pillows made with that....just beautiful....I am a bit late with my Pink Saturday visit....have a wonderful day...
Mo :-)

Kathleen Ellis said...

Hi Sheri~
I'm still working my way through PS posts, too! Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments!
LOVE these fabrics...especailly the little Fairies or princesses...very cute!
My little princessy kitty would look quite cute in that kitty chaise!
Have a happy week!;-D

CC said...

Ooooo, I love all the fabric. And little kitty looks so comfy on the sofa..that's just too cute. Happy belated Pink Saturday..and hope you have a wonderful week.

Beverly said...

That fairy wallpaper is adorable. Any little girl would love it.

Happy Pink Saturday, Sheri.