Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pinecone Cheeseball

Awesome idea! From, Heidi Renney: "I made these cheeseballs very simply by shaping brie into a cone shape and pushing almond slices into it. You could use your favorite cheeseball recipe and use slivered almonds and whole ones too. The whole almonds would look like a brown pinecone. You could even make a great vegan version with tofu instead of cheese. So many options here! You could also make extra small pinecones to pack in lunches for a little surprise. Maybe tuck some springs of plastic pine tree branches…really so many options!"

Wow! I have a ladies' Christmas luncheon to go to in two weeks at church, and we're supposed to all bring a dish. Wouldn't making a few of these be great?

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday! It's cold and rainy, quite overcast today. But it feels like Christmas-time weather! :)


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