Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Artful Blogging

I bought the latest issue of Artful Blogging last night and WOW! My blog banner is featured in the back! I'm so thrilled! I never thought my banner would be listed in there! I know it's just a small thing for most people, but I am so new to blogging that it just made my day! This magazine is like eye-candy for me.

And have you seen their lastest issue of Where Women Create? Oh my gosh, my little corner in a spare room looks like a hurricane hit most of the time and I can't believe how organized and inspiring these women are! I am put to shame! :-) I am going to have to get busy on my "craft room". No wonder I haven't felt very inspired lately. I just can't imagine not having huge piles of fabric laying around, paint bottles spilling out of containers, and scrapbook paper piled sky-high threatening to overturn at any minute. I obviously need some shelves and lots of drawers for starters! :-) Somehow I believe that most women are like me, and having to use a spare room for their crafts and hobbies. I could be wrong, but unless you are professional or just have alot of money to spare, I don't see how you can have rooms like these. I hope to get my little craft room looking better by the first of the year after classes are finished in December and I have some breathing room to do things. I am definitely inspired now to get it together!

Keep on crafting!

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