Monday, July 21, 2008

Tea Parties & Simple Sewing

When I was in high school, I took all the college-prep classes. My friends took Home Economics. BUT NO....not me. Now, I wish I had! I would love to learn to sew! I can "piddle" at the sewing machine, but nothing major or involved.

A few years ago while going through my divorce, and enjoying my new found freedom, I began to have monthly tea parties at my house. I really enjoyed these! I loved planning them, making the invitations (that's when I first got into card-making) and cooking all kinds of treats for the party. I even began to make my napkins to match the "theme" of the party.

One September, I had an apple-theme...One January, I had snowmen/snowflake winter theme...One April, I had get the idea.

I had no sewing experience WHATSOEVER even though I had bought a sewing machine 10 years before and had piddled around making curtains and one very simple skirt back then. But I looked at some dinner napkins I had and said "how hard can it be?" I really enjoyed that simple sewing fun and my guests were so impressed! (None of them sewed...haha) but I think it was more the fact that I went through the "trouble" and matched the themes.

It's the little things that really count with people. It was the point that I took the effort and decorated the table with my best china + tablecloth + fresh flowers + several different types of tea in different teapots, made the napkins to match my themes, made invitations (that also matched the themes, of course!), and spent time in the kitchen preparing delightful little dishes just for them. I wanted them to feel special and know I felt blessed to have them as friends!

Even though I'm married now and love my new husband so much, I miss those times & wish I had friends who lived close to me now that I have moved away from my old ones. I would so enjoy having tea parties again.

It's hard today to make new friends. And sometimes it seems like people are so wrapped up in careers and family that they don't care for anyone else. So I'm really praying that God will send some special friends into my life now...who live in the same county please!

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RHAM said...

An apple themed tea party sounds so fun! My Red Hat Society ladies would love it!