Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Prim Rose Hill Greetings

I have been a "crafty-kind-of-person" for long time now. My fondest childhood memories are the times I spent working on a particular arts and crafts project. Our bathroom wall at home consisted of my paint-by-numbers bunny rabbits and my room was cluttered with hand-painted items, various sewing projects in different stages, and lots of crayons & paint bottles! Fortunately, my painting has progressed a bit, but I still have lots of paint bottles!

I wanted a blog to share my sewing projects, art designs, painting, and just things that give me inspiration. I realized I was saving alot of Word documents with different "ideas" for future hopes of inspiration, so why not make it easy and put it in a blog? 'Cause we all know that everyone is blogging nowadays. :-)

What style do I like? I used to love painting shabby chic colors and anything floral. But lately I've been drawn towards the simple primitive and americana styles. So from there we get the name "Prim Rose" love for Prim and my love for shabby chic Roses. (Yep, I live on a Hill too!)

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