Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mary Janes Farm

Found an awesome website & magazine! Oh my goodness! These farmgirls put me to shame! They cook, they sew, they can & preserve, they are awesome. I had better get my butt busy on all those crafting projects cluttering up the house! Mary Jane's Farmgirl Connection is a wonderful place to get great ideas & these down-to-earth women really are honest, warm & friendly! There is a real comaraderie among them. And, girls, you know that is so hard to find in our "look-out-number-one" world.

I found the magazine Mary Jane's Farm at my local Barnes & Noble bookstore. I had never heard of it! I know, I know, where have I been! Ha! Now my husband, who dreams of gardening & farming, would be delighted that I stumbled upon such a heart-warming 'homesteading' site, but we'll just keep this our secret. :-) I wouldn't want to get his hopes up, hehe.

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Idaho Quilter said...

I havew ben to her farm. It is a delightful place on the Palouse, that is the name the locals use for the dry land farming of the wheat. It is a beautiful place, The Palouse.