Sunday, March 18, 2012

♥ New Tea Infusers ♥

Yes, it's time to add more tea infusers to my Etsy shoppe! I have so many more to make, but wanted to share what I've done so far. I seem to not be the only one who loves owls. Everytime I add owls to my shoppe, they get snatched up quickly. It's a great problem to have. ;)
I have a terrible addiction to Farmville I must admit. And when I saw this adorable little black and white cow, I had to get him. I know plenty of Farmville addicts! ;)
Of course, you know I'm irish, so I have to always have a good supply of shamrocks on hand!
This is my favorite tea infuser of all times. It's just so dainty and elegant!
I'm not a frog lover, though I know people who do collect frog items. But I had to have this cute little guy! He reminds me of an amazon rainforest frog!
Hope you're having a wonderful TEA-rrific weekend!
Sheri :)

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