Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Flickr Inspirations: Autumn

I love autumn! I know just last Friday we were celebrating Christmas in July, but my favorite season has always been autumn. I love the colors (though ironically I'm not an "orange"-kind-of-person), I love the smells, I love the comfort foods, and I love the weather! Right now as we suffer through 95 degrees of summer, I'm REALLY thinking about the cooler weather! LOL. So here's a tribute to fall and all the wonderful handmade ideas & inspirations we get from my favorite season!

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Joyce said...

Autumn is my MOST favorite season..I live in the DEEP South so of course...we don't get it here. :~(
However I am from the Midwest and "remember" I decorate HIGHLY for the FALL season as if hoping that will make it come here. HA~!
I love that little bracelet...did you make it?