Monday, November 16, 2009

Sew Happy

...that's what I've been lately. :) I dusted off my Brother sewing machine that I've had for 20 years & decided it was time to make some Christmas stockings! I really don't "sew", but I do piddle a bit around with it. I bought this simple little sewing machine at Wal-mart 20 years ago when I was once again going through a sewing phase and swore I was going to learn to sew because of the high prices of plus-size clothes. Well, I did make a skirt or two, but I mostly made curtains and such for the apt we lived in then. I paid under $100 for it and it only has very basic stitches, but it's all I ever needed.

I hope to have my stockings finished and posted this week. I'm doing punch needle to add to them right now. I have officially quit the fall items and have moved on to the holidays! I love making Christmas really puts me in the holiday mood! OK, I have a confession, my tree is up and standing at the front window! No, it hasn't been decorated yet, and actually my husband was clearing out the spare bedroom (where the tree hibernates all-year until the holidays) and he went ahead and stuck it out in front of the window. Maybe there's hope for the scrooge yet! ;) I have been saying I always wanted to put the tree up at Thanksgiving but it has yet to happen...until this year!

Am I the only one or do you have several projects going at once? ;) I'm doing punch needle, sewing, and embroidering! Yes, I do love the holdiays! And I have a few gifts to make too! I had better get busy! Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving? WOW. It will be Christmas before you know it!

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