Monday, November 9, 2009

Gooseberry Patch

It's nearing the holidays favorite time of the year, of course, and I every year I start dragging out all my Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, recipes, and crafts! Every Christmas I make a strawberry trifle that came from one of their Christmas cookbooks from 3 years ago. It's become one of our favorites and one of our "Christmas traditions" foods. I made it the year we were married & now my husband insists that I make it every year! :) It is soooo good!!

Have you seen the Gooseberry Patch website? They also have a lovely blog and they announce specials, discounts, and giveaways. I love just browsing through their website. I am in love with these vintage Christmas towels. They have a tablecloth too that matches. "I'm dreaming of a vintage Christmas...." :)

I have always loved Gooseberry Patch. I like the simple ways they decorate and it reminds me of "the good old days". Am I showing my age? ;) They always have little "gems" at the bottom of the cookbook pages about decorating or ideas for entertaining.

My favorite Gooseberry book? I'd have to say, hands down, it's the "Christmas all through the house". It combines recipes & crafts, menus & ideas. A huge binder full of ideas! I remember the year I found it in our local bookstore and couldn't tear myself away from it. And that was before I even got it home!

So do yourself a favor, and check out their website. It's bound to bring back some precious memories of days gone by for you too.

Hugs to all,


Ruth said...

I have some of the Gooseberry Patch Christmas books and I love them. I don't have "Christmas all Through the House". I'll have to add that to my wish list.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Can you believe I don't have any Gooseberry Patch books? I think everyone does but me! Maybe I'll add a couple to my Christmas list :) Thanks for the lovely post and inspiration! -Tammy