Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hello friends!

More pictures as promised! We spent a week in Cincinnati with Jeff's parents and actually spent most of the time on the road. ;) We went to this quaint little town, Nashville, Indiana, and of course, I took more pictures. The quaint village of Nashville is a great place for a getaway, with hundreds of unique craft, specialty & antique shops, and great music & theatre venues. Visitors enjoy watching artists in galleries and craft studios throughout Brown County Indiana. Brown County is known as the "artist colony of the midwest".

(Yes, one of these days, I will learn to set the date on the camera! LOL).

Leisurely browse through the quaint shops of Nashville, Indiana, or visit every flea market in Brown County. Shopping in Brown County Indiana can be a delightful adventure. In the shoppes of Little Nashville, visitors find original watercolor paintings, sculptures, toys from yesterday, stained glass art, solid wood furniture, wood carvings, metal sculptures, pewter, handblown glass, custom jewelry, interesting clothing, perfumes, wind chimes and even...custom bird lodging.

Yes, no matter where I am, I find beautiful flowers! I guess I "take time to smell the roses" or whatever beauty is around. I'm not sure what this is, but it grows about 3 feet tall and I love the "ribbon-curl" of the flower!

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Flat Creek Farm said...

More beautiful pictures! You're making me *really* want to go to Indiana and visit those places! The flower is cockscomb (celosia). I'm sure you will see the resemblance to a real rooster comb :) My Grandma (still doing well at almost 96!) raised such beautiful full cockscomb on their farm. For some reason, I haven't discovered her secret. I love them, and will keep trying. Thanks for sharing more pictures from your wonderful trip! -Tammy