Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hello friends!

As from our trip to Metamora, IN! (Now if I would just learn to set the darn date on the camera! LOL). Oh yes, and make a note, Wednesdays and Thursdays, most of the shops are closed. When you arrive in Metamora look for the flag. If any flag is flying in front of a building, you'll know that inside is a friendly shopkeeper ready to greet you. A building not flying a flag is not open for business or it could be one of our town's private residences. Metamora is an actual town, not an amusement park or museum. It is not an incorporated town and cannot enforce any rules or requirements to shop owner as to the hours of availability. Because the Metamora Shops are owned and operated by individual shopkeepers the hours for the shops vary according to each individual shopkeepers preference.

While in Metamora, Indiana, journey through the early 19th century history of horse-drawn canal boats, which fueled the Southeastern Indiana economy until its displacement by the railroad. Shop in stores housed in historic buildings dated back to the early 1800s, feed the ducks along the canal, try some homemade fudge or ice cream, eat and above all else... Enjoy the slow relaxing pace of the past.

Metamora is Indiana's treasured 1838 canal town. Nestled in southeastern Indiana's beautiful countryside, Metamora is steeped in history and famous for its preservation of Indiana's oldest and still operating water-powered grist mill.

Metamora is one of the most charming and fascinating towns in Indiana! Well known for it's wide range of delightful shops, restaurants, friendly shopkeepers, events, festivals, and tasty eats and treats. A must see town that retains all of its traditional charm and languid atmosphere.

And here's a picture just for Tammy at Flat Creek Farm!! Not as cute as Ruby & Gracie, but the two babies were cute!! ;)

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Flat Creek Farm said...

Sheri, thank you for the li'l donkey pics! They are all so cute! I'll take the little spotted one, please :) What a wonderful area to visit! I've only been through Indiana briefly, and at night, on our travels to other states. The more I see posted about Indiana, the more I actually want to visit and enjoy it! Thanks for sharing your nice trip. Those li'l donkeys made my day :) -Tammy