Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crochet: Forget-me-not-edging

Pattern and photo originally published by Clark's O.N.T. in Floral Insertions and Floral Edgings, Book 263, in 1949.


J. & P. Coats Tatting-Crochet, Size 70, Blue (No. 8), and Hunter's Green (No. 48), and
J. & P. Coats or Clark's O.N.T. Six Strand Embroidery Floss, 2 Skeins of Yellow (No. 9).
Steel Crochet Hook No. 14.

Edging--Forget-Me-Not . . .Starting at center of Flower with Blue, ch 1 loosely, ch 4 more in the usual manner. * Holding back on hook the last loop of each tr make 2 tr in 5th ch from hook, thread over and draw through all loops on hook (cluster), ch 4, sl st in same place as last tr was made (petal); ch 4, make a 2 tr cluster in same place as last cluster was made, ch 4, sl st in same place (another petal). Make 2 more petals (Forget-Me-Not completed). Ch 20. Repeat from * until piece measures 1 1/4 times the length desired. With 3 strands of Six Strand make a French knot (5 times over needle) in center of each Forget-Me-Not.

Heading . . . 1st row: With Green make 10 sc, ch 3 and 10 sc over each ch 15 across. Turn.

2nd row: Sl st in next 5 sc, * ch 9, sc in next ch 3 loop, ch 9, skip 5 sc, tr in next sc, skip 4 sc on next loop, tr in next sc. Repeat from * across, ending with ch 5, skip 5 sc, tr in next sc. Ch 4, turn.

3rd row: In next sp make (dc, ch 1) twice, ** dc in next sc, ch 1, * in next sp make (dc, ch 1) 4 times. Repeat from * once more. Repeat from ** across. Break off.

Insertion . . . Work as for this Edging No. until the necessary number of flowers is completed. Attach Blue to center of last flower, * ch 15, sc in center of next flower. Repeat from * across. Break off.

Now with Green, work Heading as for Edging working on both sides of flowers. Make more flowers as necessary and tack them in place as illustrated with French knots.


Mimi said...

My gosh, that cake looks fantastic and the crochet edge is gorgeous. Now all I have to do is find the time to do both☺

lyn said...

Does this take as much patience as it looks like it might? It's so pretty!