Thursday, October 30, 2008

Second Scarf Finished!

I finally finished putting the fringe on my second scarf. I was flipping through a clothes catalogue and noticed a girl dressed in a black top & skirt with a long grey scarf double wrapped around her neck and it still hung below her waist. OH! I loved it! So I began crocheting this cinnamon-colored scarf. I love long scarves!

I picked up a copy of Crochet Today magazine and I'm going to actually try to follow directions for making this scarf:

from: Crochet Today
It's a "beginner" pattern, so we'll see. You know I don't follow directions very well. ;) Of courses, next I want to try this one:

from: Crochet Today
It fits the gypsy girl in me! :)

Keep On Crafting!

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