Monday, October 27, 2008

On the road again.......

I didn't have much of a chance to post anything last week. We had to go to VCU in Richmond for my husband's "tune-up". Ha, well, that's what I jokingly call it. He is deaf with a cochlear implant and just upgraded to a new wireless processor. He loves it! He can finally enjoy music again and is madly loading mp3's onto his new Blackberry! :)

A few sights from Richmond:





Of course, it is tradition that I always go to the Williamsburg Pottery. And we usually go to VA Beach and eat crab cakes at a little cafe we like, but we didn't get that far on our quick trip this time. Yep, you know I made the Pottery though. :)

This elephant has been at the Williamsburg Pottery for at least the last 25 years that I can remember. He just stands outside one of the buildings in all kinds of weather. I don't know know what I would do with him--he atleast 10 ft tall!--but I just love him.

Yes they really do have some pottery! Although I don't know anyone who goes there for the pottery. (Ha.) I'm always looking at the beautiful flower arrangements (rows and rows and rows!) and the china. This year I finally went into the Christmas/Craft building (I'm usually too tired to make that part) and found these little linen & lace "ornaments". I think that's what they are supposed to be since they have little bells on the bottom...but I imagine them on fabric! Maybe on an apron pocket? Or use it in a mixed media collage? or maybe quilting art?

I love this angel!

And I love butterflies too! I thought these were so pretty! Who knows what I'll use them on! :)

Pretty pastels!

And icy silver!

Until later,

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