Friday, August 1, 2008

Confessions of an apron lover

I have a confession: I just love aprons! So you know I am pleased to see that they are the "in" fashion accessory right now. I guess it brings back memories of helping my grandmother in the kitchen when I was a child and spending all my summers, breaks, and vacations with my grandparents. She always wore an apron in the kitchen and had one for me to wear too. What I would do to still have one of those half-aprons!

I bought this adorable apron on eBay...yes, as you know, I am no seamstress and I think my first little project is going to be a basic half-apron. All the ladies on MJF sew them, wear them, love them! So I must get busy! :-) I couldn't resist this one for the fabric...(sorry I am such a horrible photographer! guess I won't be changing careers anytime soon! LOL) The fabric is a Donna Dewberry print with her roses, butterflies,daisies, ladybugs...and I wish you could see the background color! A perfectly pale lemon-ice yellow! Trimmed in such dainty white lace and hunter green trim, complete with a bow. I thought it would be wonderful to wear while I am decorative painting. Maybe it will even inspire me. :-) I am so far behind in everything...

There's just something so wonderful, feminine, creative, warm & homey about wearing an apron. I'm sure some of my (feminist) friends would disagree, but it gives me these fantastic & fabulous fantasies of being a domestic goddess with the sparkling clean house, fresh bread aroma drifting from the kitchen, home-made jams and jellies lining the pantry shelf, and my creativity in a flourish as I masterly paint-sew-crochet-tat-you name it! I probably should be on medication. LOL. Well, it's a wonderful dream and even though the house will never be spotless or sparkling, although I'd settle for "uncluttered" right now, I would love to make loaves of bread & home-made jams. And I haven't given up on the crocheting yet! Maybe there's still hope for me.

On a funny note, my husband saw me in an apron for the first time last Christmas holiday as I was preparing holiday treats and Christmas Day dinner. I have to admit, his look was priceless! I think he thought I truly was a domestic goddess in my apron! :-)

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