Friday, June 1, 2012

better late than never they say

so we're a bit it turns out, the wooden boards were not cut right, and jeff has spent quite a few hours re-cutting the boards for our garden boxes.  that is the story of our lives. nothing ever goes quite like you expect. we are joking maybe we'll have the boxes built and filled with dirt by fall crop time. actually we're hoping to get them finished and out in the yard by this weekend. as you can see, i was "supervising" can see the battery light indicator on my scooter in the lower right hand corner. ;)

and for some good the far background on the carport, you can see our hot tub which we finally moved from our other house to this one. oh yes, it is now up and running and i can't wait to hop in this weekend!  as soon as we get all the garden boxes and crap off the carport! :) never a dull moment at prim rose hill.

hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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