Monday, January 16, 2012

♥ Custom Orders ♥

I really enjoy making jewelry and making beaded teaballs also. I sold a ton of these between Thanksgiving and Christmas! I was so happy and proud of myself. I even did a few custom orders. I'm always a bit nervous about custom orders because I want it to be perfect and I want my buyer not to be just happy with it, but I want them to be thrilled! :)

I received a request for a custom order Friday for two diabetic medical alert bracelets. I have really gotten into making these. I think I might have shared before that I am diabetic and when I was diagnosed last year, I didn't want to wear one of those ugly chunky metal things. I know you know what I mean. :) So I started "playing" and made myself one. Hmmm...I thought, I wonder if other people feel the same way and hate those ugly ones? So I made a few and put them in my Etsy shop. WOW. I have sold a few and I have gotten such positive feedback on them. My favorite is how pretty they are and so much "nicer "than the photos. LOL. I admit I am a bit amateur on my photography. NOT one of my best talents, that's for sure! So I had fun making 2 bracelets this weekend...and of course, I was nervous as I sent her the pictures. I don't know why...she loved them and bought them! ;) Really I must work on this self-confidence more!

Hope you have a wonderful Week! :)

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Marilyn said...

They ARE very pretty!♥♫