Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Flickr Inspirations: Making Charm bracelets!

As you know I recently was bit by the jewelry-making bug & have been making tons of earrings that I still need to post up on Etsy. *Sigh* not enough hours in the day, that's for sure. But I find myself leaning towards charm bracelets. I had one growing up that my mom would buy different charms for different occasions to add to it and I loved it dearly. I still have it and I even have my mom's now that she is gone. She had alot of Christmas charms on hers. So I thought I'd see what Flickr inspirations I could find...and boy, did I ever!! Hope you're having a wonderful Friday!

SheriRoseandRaven: "Peacock"

inspirational: "Victorian-style"Cherished Trinkets: "Luxury"

Penny Masquerade: "Alice in Wonderland"lampworkbylaurie: "Kiss me"

Craft Monkey's: "English Garden"

ukwendy: "Winter Wonderland"

AudreyGardenLady: "Lucky Charms"

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Rose Haven said...

The same "bug" bit me, too!! I've been making all kinds of jewelry, too!!

I love some of those photos you put up!!!