Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow days...are crafting days!

Ok, enough already! I am soooo tired of snow! I spent the last 5 days snowed in with Mr. PrimRoseHill and yesterday we were getting snippy. ;) Thank goodness I made it into work today. {whew!} I like snow, really I do, but we had a major snowstorm the weekend of my birthday (Dec 18th) and couldn't get out for days. Then we had rain, rain, and more rain...and thought the creek across the road was going to be in our yard if it didn't quit. THEN we had more snow last Friday (8") and I get up to go to work yesterday and guess what? It's pouring SNOW and SLEET! So there's about 3" on top of the snow from the weekend. Oh yes, did I mention that the weather guys are saying we're in for a MAJOR SNOW STORM Friday? Really now. I think we've had enough. My biggest complaint is that I'm using up my "vacation days" because I can't make it into work. Which then means I'll be extra-cranky this summer when I'm having to work instead of taking those fun vacation days running to craft shows and all.

So I did lounge around the house for days on end I admit ;) but I did get a few crafts done too. I've been making more "mannequin ladies" for my etsy shop and thought I'd share a few pics here. Hopefully I will get them loaded up today. IF I can quit Farmville long enough...LOL...sadly I have become one of those dreadful Farmville addicts. :)

So my first "lady" is a wonderful indigo/turquoise blue! It was really heard to capture her blue batik fabric. I attached her to a keepsake box. I thought she would make a cute pinkeep and the box could be used for notions. OR these ladies can be used for jewelry holders too:

For my prim lovers, I think this one will be going in my Country-Fried Primitives shoppe. She is made with cranberry & spice tan ticking fabric and has a hand-stitched gingerbread man with candies apron. She would make an adorable pinkeep with her button necklace and spool base, but I think she would be cute sitting in a prim kitchen too:

And you know how I love pink roses, so this is just like one I made for my dear friend Helen who LOVES anything with pink roses. She has pearl trim "shawl" and pearl button at her waist:

So I almost forgot to share with you these stockings I did for one of my favorite eBay buyers. She emailed me about doing a custom order for her after she bought a few of my stockings I had for sale before Christmas. Her friend, who is a big prim-lover, fell in love with her prim punch needle stockings I had made and so she contacted me about making two for her friend. What a thoughtful friend! I really enjoyed making these. They coordinate beautifully with the same blue background and cranberry red in the punch needle:

And it's time already for St. Patty Days items! Ok, well time for me to be making them. And here's my first shamrock I hope to be posting right after Valentine's Day on eBay:

So I haven't totally wasted my snow days I guess. :) But really, enough snow! Hope you're having a warm and SUNNY day in your part of the world.



Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Sheri~ winter is definitely a great time to create.
Each one of your mannequin ladies has it's own beauty. I like how you carried the embellishments through to the base.

I love all the pin keeps. It has inspired me to finally make a few. I've picked up tea cups along the way to repurpose into pin keeps.

Thanks for sharing so many wonderful ideas and recipes.

Sweet wishes,

Beth Niquette said...

For a change, it is sunny here--otherwise it has been so grey and dark. I would love a bit of snow--seems like the whole world has snow except for us. (sniff)

I LOVE snow! (grin) I suppose if I had the snowfall day after day I'd feel differently--but since where ever I am it doesn't snow...well, I'm just partial to it!

Lovely blog! I enjoyed it very much.

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Love your "lil' lady" creations - what a cute and unique idea. Good luck finding homes for all of them - they will really make someone happy. And I agree - snow days are definitely for crafting! Enjoy the white stuff! Cathy