Friday, August 21, 2009


Hello Friends!

When we were in Gatlinburg last month for the Craftsmans Fair, the town of Gatlinburg was sponsoring a program called "Tunes & Tales". Each evening in different sections of the town, there were artists or musicians set up on the sidewalks. Now you know me, my favorite was a woman called "Quilting Annie". She was dressed up in a calico dress and bonnet and sat at a table showing how to quilt "grandmother's flowers garden". I had seen these little blocks before on vintage items so I was eager to learn! It looked similiar to what I have seen described as "english paper piecing" but she didn't use paper or cardboard blocks. She started with a 4" circle and folded and stitched all the way around until she came out with a 6-sided shape...which she then stitched to other hexagons and was making a table runner. As she stitched, she talked about quilting in general and some "tips". I thought even this was easy enough for me! ;) She also did some story-telling and told about the beginnings of the Gatlinburg area. It was really interesting and I decided I'm going to try and do this simple little quilting. Wish me luck! Here's some Flickr photos that reminded me of her work.
Hope you're having a blessed Friday!

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Lynn said...

These are adorable! I love the little bee pin cushion. And also the window shade. I may just have to learn to do this kind of quilting :) I've been making scrap quilts lately, which works for me because you don't really need to plan or measure, just start sewing scraps together and see where you end up.