Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Granny Palace

I have always wanted to crochet. I can remember as a little girl studying over a booklet that had directions for crocheting, knitting, embroidering, and tatting. I never did learn to do any of it except a bit of embroidery-work, but I did have all these neat little rolled up balls of yarn in different colors. :-)

I finally decided to learn how to crochet! I may be a bit ambitious...I started making a simple dishcloth, but for once my rows have turned out quite nice and so it has evolved into a scarf! Who else but myself would decide to make a scarf for a first project?! I have never finished a dishcloth in my life, because they always ended up with these horrible crooked edges. But a woman on MJF forum suggested I try using a N-hook or larger. Well, I found a N-hook at my local Wal-mart and wow! I can't believe the difference. I can't stop crocheting!

My husband is thrilled to see me take up a new (I think he means "inexpensive!") hobby and especially since it looks like I might even finish this one! :-) At this point, I have so many "craft" things started, I figure I'll have to live to be atleast 100 to finish them all!

I am obsessed with this scarf...I find myself crocheting while I'm waiting for anything. My husband now thinks I'm nuts. OK, nuttier. We were in his truck the other day and he made the comment that he needed a cover for his laptop and immediately, before I could say anything, he says, "and I don't mean something you crochet!" ROFL. What?? Did I give the impression that I was going to cover the house in everything imaginable that can be crocheted? He did tell me that he didn't want to live in a Granny Palace! I thought I was going to die laughing. What is a Granny Palace? Apparently it's one of those homes you walk into and everything right down to the toilet paper is hiding in or under something crocheted! Well, I don't think I'll be that bad...but I did threaten to crochet him a Nilla cookie box "cozy". :-)

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