Thursday, January 17, 2013

♥ Which Downton Abbey Job is Right For You? ♥

Yes, I must admit it...I am hopelessly addicted to this program! Nothing comes between me and 9pm Sunday night PBS! Do you watch it? Maybe because of my Irish ancestry I have become fixated on this show.  I can hear my grandmother's wit and humor in so many of these characters! I can only imagine living in this time--Oh the clothes, the splendor! Although I have to say, I was heart-broken when Lady Edith was left at the altar this past Sunday.  So which Downton Abbey job is right for you? Take the quiz HERE and find out which character you are best like.  I discovered I am:

 Lady Edith Crawley


Job-hopper, Edith's numerous jobs are right for you. You like helping out and the feeling of self-worth derived from good work, and you are excellent (and impeccably dressed), whatever your responsibilities. But whether it's impulsive behavior, romantic inclinations, or global circumstances beyond your control, something always spurs you to move on. Try to figure out what you truly want in your career, and then channel your considerable passion and skill into achieving it. Stability and other rewards may follow. 

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