Friday, October 1, 2010

♥ Welcome Fall! ♥

I am so very happy that it is finally favorite month! Not only because it's my anniversary month, although that's makes the icing on the cake, but I love the cooler weather and the changing colors. We are already having Autumn Rain...which is my favorite of course. With the cooler nights and all the rain, we are already seeing the colors of the leaves changing early. I love the smell of autumn and the change in cooking habits too. I am already wanting more warm soups and more "comfort foods". I always think of cinnamon scents in the fall & warm candlelight. Of course, being a crafty kind of person, I find I'm more into crafting too. During the summer, we stay so busy but autumn makes me think of more craft shows and Christmas projects.

Next week, we will be in Gatlinburg TN for our anniversary and their Fall Craftsmen's Fair happens to be during this time too. Yay! I am always inspired by all the artisans and come home ready to jump into making more goodies! What inspires you most about the fall?

Have a blessed weekend!


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