Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday: The Simple Woman's Daybook

~~Outside my window~~

it is cloudy but WARM! It is supposed to be 65* today...after being in the 70's all weekend. I love the warmer weather.

~~I am thinking~~

about all the work need to get done, inside and outside.

~~I am thankful for~~

a job! We have more budget cuts coming soon and I hope we don't have to lay off anyone. I hope to keep my job too.

~~From the kitchen~~

is the wonderful smell of coffee this morning.

~~I am wearing~~
a red and blue top, navy pants, socks.

~~I am creating~~

finishing up on my pinkeeps to list for sale.

~~I am going~~
to work very soon.

~~I am (still!) reading~~

Having a Mary Spirit: Alowing God to change us from the inside out by Joanna Weaver.

~~I am hoping~~

that we can stick to a budget and menu this week. We've been failing miserably.

~~I am hearing~~

music in the background, coffee brewing.

~~Around the house~~

I have so much to do! I really need to be more organized than this!

~~One of my favorite things~~

red seedless grapes. I know that sounds funny, but I've been eating grapes for the past week and I love them.

~~A few plans for the rest of the week~~

Wednesday night bible study at church; Thursday night weight loss support group; finish some craft projects.

~~Here is picture thought I am sharing~~
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kari and kijsa said...

Love sharing thoughts this way!!
kari & kijsa

domestic.blizz said...

Great daybook entry.

Best of luck with being able to stick with your budget and menu. This is something that we are constantly working on.

Have you been enjoying your book?

May you have a blessed week.